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The Quality Grading of Trinacria set service set

The standard of the structures are indicated through the quality grading, which are small symbols of the company “*” which are assigned by our collaborators.

***** Structures of first category equipped with all the comforts. The furnishing is particularly luxury and the external sides are very well kept. Adapted to the customers with high expectations and particularly demanding.

**** Structures of advanced quality, with much sought-after details. The furnishing is comfortable and of optimal quality. Indicated to the customers who wish ample inners and wide and panoramic externals.

*** Comfortable furnishing and of good level, for demanding customers who do not demand the luxury. The rooms are well furnished, complete with some useful accessories. For the customers who look for a product of good quality.

** Simple furnishing, functional and with the essential comforts. Equipments of discreet quality. For the customers who privilege the practical aspects, without particular requirements, but who instead pay attention to the prices.